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In October 2011 I started a blog called “Hounds RVs and Other Stuff” … Little did I know that over the years the blog would move in a direction to my basset hounds and bloodhounds. By August 2015 when I drove down to bring Stella home, I was writing about living in ‘the tropics’ of Southern Indiana with two basset hounds and two bloodhounds more than anything else, so the blog title changed to “Hounds and Other Stuff” 

We don’t do much from day to day but on occasion Stella will give me something interesting to write about, or we might see some deer during our walk, or take pictures of butterflies that fill the field during the warmer months. This blog is photo based but there will be a post here and there where I write from my gut and either ramble or voice my opinions on stuff. I try to stay away from religion and politics that changed December 9th on this blog and comments are open for everyone … WordPress wants me to approve your very first comment. After that your other comments will publish immediately whether you have a WordPress account or are just a blog reader.

Thanks for stopping by to check the blog out. 

You can send me an email at bhounds3 @ icloud dot com … or use the contact form below.