From Storms To Sunshine

When the radio pre-game show was interrupted a little before 12:30pm to let me know there were tornado warnings southwest of my location I would have never guessed that Stella and I would be taking a walk under blue skies and bright sunshine by 4pm, but we did. As you can see there, with the …

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Heidi & Stella Get Outside Today

A little after 4pm I was beginning to wonder if Heidi and Stella was going to sleep the whole afternoon away or would they wake up in time to enjoy the 50° afternoon and sunny skies. It was their decision but they sleep every afternoon away, so this is normal. Finally an hour later they …

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Food, The Government Shutdown and Congress

The sunshine disappeared, the skies turned gray and the winds picked up. All that means is the weather is about to drastically change again. This time we are headed for temperatures back in the teens by the weekend and possible snow by Tuesday. That change was off to a good start as the hounds and …

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