The Hounds Battled Rain Today

With the light inside the house turning dark with the sound of loud thunder we knew the storms had arrived. Stella didn't get her morning walk, Heidi continued her daily morning nap. You would think by now I'd be use to this kind of spring weather but it sure seems like the amount of rain …

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Back To Normal Temps

It's amazing what an increase of 30 degrees does to your day. The hounds spent a lot of time outside, back inside to sleep and then three walks for Stella and I. Not much going on today. They didn't do much today but just enjoy the 74° temperature. They spent a lot of time outside. …

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Hounds Enjoy The Sunshine

"25° and you think I'm going outside????" ... No Way!! There is one thing about having hounds, they are pretty consistent. They might change parts of their routines but still remaining consistent. During the winter months that means Heidi rarely gets outside until after her lunch besides her trip first thing in the morning. She …

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