Stella Has Changed Routines

After Sadie was gone in September 2018 I always wondered if Stella wanted to walk in the field because she wanted to or because I wanted to. There were too many times I would have to practically beg her to join me on the morning and afternoon walks, causing me to wonder. She is always …

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It Was A Great Weekend

Between rain on Saturday and hearing gunshots in the field across the highway on Sunday, out of sight (common in rural area), Stella canceled both of her morning walks. We were able to walk later Sunday once she realized she was safe and the weather was tremendous. With temps in the 40's at night and …

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Single Digit Temps Freeze The Hounds

I had failed to remember that starting Sunday night, the arctic winds would start blowing my direction and drop the overnight temperatures to single digits. I knew as soon as I opened my eyes and stepped outside the warm bedroom that something was different. I had turned the heat down in the living room like …

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