The Hounds Move Into Summer

We have been very busy as we move into June. The weather has been great overall and these few photos will show you the hounds have not been doing much at all. That painting you see was sent to me by It was quite a surprise as I opened up the unexpected mail package …

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FedEx Delivers – Stella’s Happy!!

With both hounds sleeping the afternoon away, me reading about everything I talked about this morning and not too much time spent outside, by 3pm it didn't look like there was any chance of putting a second post together today. Then the dominoes started falling. I heard a vehicle driving up my gravel driveway at …

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Questions About Apple Watch & Canon G9 Camera

I knew after yesterday's excitement with Stella's high energy and playful mood, then the FedEx experience, that today would be anti-climatic. How could it not be? We don't want to do all the exciting stuff every day, we need to spread things out during the winter. There will be days on end of excitement once …

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