The Urge To Blog Is Gone

Just like the change in weather, things change in life, in daily activities or thoughts. That is the case here in June 2019. I am practically forcing myself to sit in front of my computer to write even this post. Words are not there and as I scrolled though photos to post on this blog, …

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My Rambling Is Back

I gave the reins to the hounds just three days ago and you may have noticed they did not want to do anything but post a paragraph and all pictures. That works out well for me since they have hired me to do all of their IT work, but there are times I just have …

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The Blog Is Backing Away From Chaos

With a new week starting with another change in weather, different internet browsers tried, and thoughts racing through my brain cells along with a delay in our morning schedule ... why not make some blogging changes also? No, not the design but the focus. As you can see the weather yesterday was borderline freezing and …

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