Rain Leads Us Down Memory Lane

When it's raining outside and doesn't stop long enough for Stella and I to take our morning walk, I have no other choice but to dip into the photo library archives and see if I can find some photos that you have not seen before. I think I have. These are in no special order …

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I Forgot My Age

As some of you know, as you age you cannot eat all the different kinds of food you use to eat. Sometimes it's not the food but the 'combination' of food. I found out Saturday night or Sunday morning after midnight that food choices can ruin a good night of sleep. That leads into a …

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Winter Storm Was Rain

If you would have seen the local tv weather forecast last night with a tone of fear about the upcoming "winter weather" advisory, you would have expected the hounds and I would be buried under our biggest snow fall of the year. I hate "weather drama" from local tv channels to national weather experts and …

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