Bye Bye WordPress

I know it’s been less than a year, maybe even less than 6 true months of blogging since I took time off but it is what it is. I always change my mind on things and I have once again … I’m blogging again but on my old blog on Blogger.

“Yew Blogger” … how could you?

Well for one thing it’s free. For another thing there, is unlimited data for your “media library”. Yes, the templates are not nearly as good or possibly professional looking as the choices at WordPress but in my case, using either platform I just didn’t have that much traffic to really care about “the professional look”.

So for those that follow me in “Reader” or have bookmarked this blog … if you are still interested in reading bullshit rambling and/or seeing photos of my bloodhound Stella and my basset hound Heidi … you need to use this URL.

I know it’s generic. I know all about SEO … I just don’t care about that stuff.

My old blog is The Hounds And Other Adventures

Sure I could pay the $36 per year for the basic WordPress plan — but there is still a data limit on your photos you load.

I paid the $96 per year for the upgrade model — but there is still a data limit on the photos I upload for the blog.

It’s just not worth it to me.

Plus the hounds and I have moved from ‘the tropics’ of Southern Indiana to the Wild Wild West … you can catch up here:

The Hounds And Other Adventures


7 thoughts on “Bye Bye WordPress

  1. Arrowhead Gramma

    Really like the cleantformat along with the size and font you are using. It is very readable. Looking forward to many new posts from the Wild Wild West.


    1. I forgot about all the ads the free version has … someone else reminded me about the ads the other day when I changed my account back to the free version.


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