WordPress or Blogger ??

WordPress has sharp clear photos, not compressed but a limit of data storage in the media library. Blogger has unlimited data for photo storage used on the blog but compresses their photos making them just a tiny bit fuzzy … or is it just my eyes?

Anyway I am going to blog again, not sure where. Since the internet gods don’t like duplicate posts on different blogs … I will just post the link here for where we have been and what happened.


4 thoughts on “WordPress or Blogger ??

  1. rwkrecklow

    Only you can make that decision, Steve. You have the experience of both. Even with “old age” you are still the best qualified to decide between the two, based on your extensive experience. LOL


  2. Arrowhead Gramma

    Just read the other blog post and enjoyed the photos. I think the photographer is always a little more fine tuned on his photos than others looking at them.


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