A Blog Comeback ???

I am not sure yet but I am thinking about making a return to blogging. Some of you know there have been some drastic changes recently. The hounds are normal and a-okay, no problems there. I am also okay and more active than I have been for years with morning bike rides 4-5 days per week.

For reasons I am not sure of, I had the urge to blog again this morning. I’m even thinking of possibly letting everyone know what changes that have taken place. I almost have to if I am going to post photos of the hounds. The brain cells are still scrambling trying to get in order before things are official.

At least I did re-activate my blog here and on Blogger, then changing them from private settings to public settings, so I guess that is a start.

We’ll see what happens.



14 thoughts on “A Blog Comeback ???

    1. Well it has deepened my tan but it’s only a “biker’s tan”. I’m still panting while riding at times but justify it with the high altitude I am riding at.


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