Everything Is Fine

Just a short update. The hounds and I are in good health, no problems. I am just very busy right now and haven’t had time to blog. Besides, the hounds have been ‘hinting’ at blog retirement. Time will tell.


9 thoughts on “Everything Is Fine

    1. If I could tie in my blog to the Apple Health app on my phone which is synchronized with my watch which tracks my heart rate … that could be a real possibility. 🙂


  1. Tom

    Good to hear all is going well in Hound land. Since the girl from Canada decided she should be my wife, I quit blogging. My life is so routine I was amazed to have 65 daily readers. Now I leave comments on posts to let folks know I am not dead yet. If I start the 4th blog, I will email you the link.
    Hope you enjoy your Summer.


    1. I feel my blogging days are about to end. The time I have spent away from blogging this past month has opened my eyes just how nice life is without it. Less computer time and more time outside or going places is a good deal. Send me the link if you decide to get back into it.


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