Stella Gets In Two Walks

I never thought it would be 74° by the time Stella and I took our afternoon walk but it was and we started the morning walk at 44°. Quite a change. It was a normal day for the hounds. Doing laundry and cleaning house puts them both into a deep sleep. I was surprised they spent some time outside later in the afternoon.



5 thoughts on “Stella Gets In Two Walks

    1. No it doesn’t. They wake me up at all hours of the morning to start their day but are back to sleep within SECONDS of finishing their breakfast and I am just starting my first cup of coffee. LOL

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    1. They always seem to come up with something new when I take their picture. Other times they move from the best shot just at the last second to make it a bad blurred photo. Heidi is a professional at doing that.


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