Heidi Walks Back To Back Days


No … I have no idea where Heidi’s sudden burst of energy or motivation has come from. For the first time in eight years she as walked the half mild path through the field two days in a row. These are before and between the college basketball games.


16 thoughts on “Heidi Walks Back To Back Days

  1. Arrowhead Gramma

    Loved all of the photos and especially the ones of the two of them together! Some real keepers tonight.

    I think Heidi has finished her winter hibernation.


  2. Arrowhead Gramma

    Heidi has finished her winter hibernation.

    Lovely photos and especially like the ones of the two of them together. Some real keepers!


    1. No she doesn’t. They are both independent which is strange to me. That is unlike any hound I have had in 30 years. They live together, sleep together but don’t do things together. Strange.

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      1. When we had our great pyrenees Molly , Lilly would always follow her or barge in if she was sniffing something…I though it was just the hound in her not wanting to miss anything good!


      2. I have had a lot of hounds like that and that is one reason I think it’s strange how these two show no interest in what the other does … even when they eat. I guess they are not “team players” … just totally independent.

        I just thought of something … both of them were “rescues”. Even though they are just hounds to me like all the others.

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    1. It might be but it’s not with me. I can’t eat wheat and some grains. Legumes send me over the edge with indigestion, the main source of protein. Where’s that cheeseburger. 🙂


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