Heidi Hikes The Field Again !!!

Same routine as Saturday afternoon. Heidi starts barking wanting outside. I grab a jacket and the camera and off we go. Once she saw Stella head for the yard Heidi turned to follow. For the second time in two days Heidi did the full half mile walk and some tracking along the way. She took the lead sometimes while dropping behind if a scent interested her. What’s up with Heidi ??? It’s not even 70° yet.


It was another shocker in ‘the tropics’ of Southern Indiana Monday afternoon.

11 thoughts on “Heidi Hikes The Field Again !!!

    1. Could be she likes lamb better than chicken. I’m not sure what Stella thinks. It’s kinda weird actually because they never approach the other like two dogs would. They lay on the couch together, sleep together but never play like Stella and Sadie did or my other past hounds.

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  1. Tom

    Heidi must have seen the groceries you brought home and knows she needs to get out and find some wild animals for you to cook. Great to see her running.


  2. Arrowhead Gramma

    How great that Heidi has decided to join in on another walk. Just maybe it will become a daily habit for her like it is for Stella. Love the photo of Heidi in the field with her ears flapping.


    1. I wondered if anyone would see that flapping ear. It was kind of hard to see but I caught it when I downloaded the photos to computer. I DO hope she continues to get out into the field for the walk, even if it’s a few days per week.


    1. I was thinking about that yesterday when I put that afternoon post together. That is and I think this is what you are talking about … a morning post with Stella’s walk and a one paragraph, lots of photos of Heidi’s afternoon, posted around 7pm daily.


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