Heat Wave This Morning


What a difference 20° makes! It felt like a spring day as we stepped outside today even with ice around the door and a few snow flakes dropping from the sky. The flakes were so few you could barely see them but they were there. Stella didn’t hesitate zipping past me.


I hadn’t checked the weather when we left so I had no idea what to expect. It’s really handy to look at my watch and see 28° and cloudy without grabbing my phone. The Apple Watch still continues to impress me and I’m really happy that I made the purchase.


I couldn’t find many words this morning after we got back, so I’ll let the photos tell you about Stella’s walk this morning. The Canon G9 X is my ‘go to’ camera now on these walks no matter what time of day it is or the type of lighting.


Stella doesn’t like walking through puddles of water and obviously she feels the same about the ice on our path as she moved to the left of it to get around it.


I almost had to backtrack to go get her but about halfway there, she started to moved away from that spot that had a lot of data for her to collect.


There were no noises of any kind, nothing on the horizon so evidently she heard something.


You could tell she was pretty lazy this morning. She didn’t roam too much, stayed on the path a lot of the time, got a little running in and is now ready for the weekend.


Although the single digit temps had left us, it seemed like the perfect time to put a pot of beans on the stove. I was in the mood for beans and cornbread for my late lunch or early dinner and to do it right that takes some time to cook.


With the beans cooking and the hounds fed, we checked the sunshine outside. As usual there wasn’t a lot of activity after lunch. Heidi did her thing and then got some aerobic exercise trotting up the driveway, while Stella thought deeply about her next move.

2019 Jan 26img_1634img_1638

Mid-afternoon Stella and I headed out for another walk. I was surprised to see light snow flurries because it felt so warm.


About the only difference in this walk from this morning’s walk, Stella went on the right side of the ice instead of the left side. That just shows how much excitement we had going on today.



The day has been slow enough that I have thought about changing the template of the blog, going back to the “old school” format with a sidebar on the right on the home page and the post page. Of course that makes the photos smaller but with so many of you reading the blog on a tablet or from a phone, that would not make a difference to you … the size of the photos.

I am probably wanting to change it just to have something to do. Who knows??? {I spent a few hours Saturday night looking for a different template with a sidebar on the right hand said and fairly large pictures. I made all the customizations I needed on the new design, hit the “publish” button and changed the look of the blog. By 12:06am, I turned my computer back on and brought the blog back to the design I had for the past few weeks. It will stay this way.}  🙂

It’s been a slow, quiet Saturday here in ‘the tropics’ of Southern Indiana.

11 thoughts on “Heat Wave This Morning

    1. A bag of Hursts 15 bean soup. Canjun flavoring. Bring to boil, then low temp for 90 minutes. Add sausage that has been already fried, add seasonings, low temp for 45 minutes. 1 bag and 10 quarts of water.


  1. Arrowhead Gramma

    Love 15 Bean Soup. To change it up, will saute onion, carrots and celery to add to the beans along with a can of diced tomatoes. Instead of sausage sometimes put a ham hock in with the beans and then take the meat off the bones. Anyway you do it, it is good.


    1. I might add some onion but when it comes to bean soap I personally like keeping the carrot and celery for vegetable soup. You DID remind me though what I forgot in the batch today … diced tomatoes. I knew there was something missing.


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