The prediction was 4″ on Friday night starting at 8pm, another 2″ on Saturday. I usually cut their estimates in half where I live. By 10:30pm, Stella and I went outside and saw nothing … no snow, no rain, no clouds, just nothing. Had the experts been wrong again? Just as I turned out the lights a little after midnight I heard the snow plow for the first time. I am too close to the highway not to hear his blade hit that seam in the highway every 10 feet. I also know that every time he passes my house, the end of my driveway and mailbox will be buried deeper in the snow. We woke up to some snow on the ground but it was too hard to see if it was deep or not. At 7:55am, Stella and I headed out to see what was up.

From the way the snow looked against Stella’s leg, I’d say we had a couple of inches but not 4″. As I walked further back into the field, it looked like that 4″ prediction was right. Stella didn’t seem to mind and at 30° the chances of her getting frozen snow or ice in her paws were pretty slim. It wasn’t cold enough for that to happen. I could tell she was having fun. This snow brought back memories of Sadie because she absolutely loved the snow and most of the time it would energize her and Stella into running around in it, wrestling in it and burying their noses in it.

What is it about a field full of snow that makes everything much more quiet than a normal day?

Stella wasn’t in any hurry but was still moving out pretty far ahead of me. As I glanced around the ground I did not see one sign of deer traffic. I didn’t anywhere on the walk.

I was pretty sure I had turned off the light in the computer room before I left … then after looking more closely I figured out that it was my monitor lighting up the window.

She almost went into the woods but for some reason turned around to get out about as fast as she went in.

In that picture, it does look like 4″ of snow. It doesn’t matter really … it’s suppose to rain later this afternoon and tonight .. the field will turn into a swamp and the daily walks will be suspended until further notice.

I didn’t have to call her to come this way or get on the path … I let her go where she wanted and I was willing to follow her.

She has decided it’s time to head home.

Remember what I said about her pressing her nose into the ground sometimes … snow doesn’t make a difference. She wasn’t eating any deer scat but something had made her investigate this area a few minutes longer than normal.

Her daily look for the field cat.

Then she takes off again, getting as far away from me as possible.  LOL

By the way she was moving it looked like she was going to run to the neighbors or the woods behind their house. She hasn’t been over there in a long time.

At first I thought she heard the snow plow coming down the highway but realized the neighbor was turning their truck around to leave. So far she has not run to their house, since they moved in last summer but she has always been very interested when she sees someone outside. She has never bolted on me but I keep an extra eye on her when I see people outside.

In back of that snow plow is Indiana’s finest salt and sand … popular to use on ice and snowy highways … and take years off of your car or truck. With all the food I need, two NFL games on today, and a couple of books to read … I am not driving anywhere just to see if the Countryman can make up back up my driveway. I don’t need salt and sand under my car, in the wheel wells or between my bumpers, I’ll let the rain clean the highway before I go anywhere. If I needed food I would definitely leave but no need to. That snow plow has been running all night … besides, it might be a nice day to stay inside and change the blog template. LOL

The fence tells me we barely got two inches of snow. It never lies.

Question of the Day — How do you sign up to follow my blog by email IF you do not have a WordPress account, and you don’t blog anywhere?? I’ve been sent a screen by a friend that tried to follow this morning by email and after she clicks “confirm” she gets the WordPress subscription management page telling her “Your subscription could not be activated. It may have expired, or the email address you subscribed with is not attached to your account.” She has no plans to get a WordPress account since she does not blog. Any ideas?

I am still finding the new dashboard that WordPress is working on in the background is still sucking up data like water. I only test it before 8am so I can waste my free data as a test. This morning it used over 500Mb in two hours. I will still continue to use the dashboard in the wp-admin. That is just a FYI for those of you that use WordPress and do not have unlimited data or have unlimited data until you hit AT&T or Verizon thresholds and have them slow your speeds down.

I almost forgot …. you didn’t think Heidi would go out in this white stuff did you?

It’s nice today in “the tropics” of Southern Indiana.