For Those That Follow & Read My Blog

I apologize for all of this movement the past 6 days but I am making another change and one for the better.  The new domain is good for 2 years until the renewal (automatic). One of the main reasons for the move to a domain away from WordPress FREE blog .com is below.

Due to all the advertising you saw on my blog put on there by WordPress, I am in the process of getting rid of those by attaching a domain name .com to this site with Wordpess Premium Plan.  In fact those should be gone right now just by me buying the Premium Plan. Until I connect this blog to my new domain name you will still be able to see the site with

IF and WHEN that domain name will not work …. the new domain name for the blog will be:

Yes, that is the blog title or was the blog title to my old Blogger blog, but I changed that title last night by adding a “B” in front of it.

For those that link my blog to your sidebar on your blog … I’ll notify you when the new domain works and the current domain name doesn’t.

Thanks for your patience scrolling through all of those advertisements these past 6 days and still came back to read the blog. So many advertisements.

I was aware there would be advertisements because I had their free account. Until a friend told me how many there were and how many I saw after I logged out of my WordPress account and came to the website … I didn’t know there were so many.

Email me if you have any questions.

7 thoughts on “For Those That Follow & Read My Blog

  1. Ara Gureghian

    So much nicer without those pesky commercials… Sometimes we “do” have to open up that wallet and our pleasure will take away those bills. All well worth it… Ara


    1. Tom – I found out today it didn’t matter. The new domain works and the old domain still works also … no changes were needed. Although I did rename the title of this blog so it would match.


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