I’m Borderline OCD

I make off the cuff comments sometimes about being OCD but I’m not. I thought I was for sure until I finished reading more information online about it today. The best example I can give to prove I am not OCD,  is my ‘obsession’ with an organized clean desk … but my desk is not clean. LOL I will on occasion get the urge to clean every room in the house spotless but that doesn’t mean I keep it that way. If I were OCD wouldn’t I NEED to keep things spotless?? My mother was like that.

One picture of my computer desk would show that it is not clean but organized. It is not overwhelmed with stacks of papers and other things.  I still have the sorted photos in small stacks based on the hounds name, waiting to be scanned in a slow printer/scanner whenever I get the urge.

A few weeks ago I was looking at eBay to see what some old software was selling for plus some old VW maintenance manuals. I wanted to see if they were worth listing on eBay to sell. That small stack of software CD’s and books are still there.

That is definitely not someone that has OCD.

What about my possible obsession with making spreadsheets for everything? These are the ones I keep updated:

  • checkbook register w/auto payments all loaded for 2019
  • monthly miles driven
  • diet measurements
  • income and expenses by category
  • savings
  • auto maintenance
  • each hound has their own health log if sick or injured
  • dental plan analysis
  • grocery cost comparison with three stores
  • internet data used
  • personal health issues log
  • best foods to eat sorted by research
  • usernames and passwords
  • daily electric kilowatt usage  (why?)

That looks a little excessive to me. You too??

When I thought about all the spreadsheets I do, I was positive that would make me 100% OCD … but there is a fine line to determine that and I am straddling the fence.

The determining question on OCD is:  Am I doing those spreadsheets because I want to or do I need to?

Well almost immediately I would answer “I want to” but then when I think about what would I do if I lost all of them, deleted, totally gone …. would I want to rebuild all of them or feel like I need to rebuild all of them because I had to have them?

Looking at that question I feel myself teetering, trying to balance myself from falling on the other side of the fence into the field of OCD.

I begin to see that I MAY not be doing all of this data entry because I want to but because I need to. The thought of stopping the checkbook register and the income & expenses by category makes me anxious. Instantly telling myself “no way, I’ll never stop those.”

A friend tells me that until I do stop them, I am not totally free.

The others listed I could stop doing them, have stopped doing them but came back to them. Understand that not all of these are updated daily. Nor does it take a lot of time for a couple of entries IF they happen.

For some of them the data is not logged in until something happens, like personal or hound health issues and new online research on food, dog food or whatever.

Sometimes I think I keep doing any kind of spreadsheet because it keeps me kinda attached to the job I retired from, where I lived on financial spreadsheets. It’s not that I need that to feel good or anything because I love being retired and would do it again the same way same time frame. It just makes me wonder why I have such a strong attachment to spreadsheets.

There are those I use to update all the time but they have been retired and filed in my documents folder on the computer. Things like analysis for dog food, trading cars, buying or selling my house, moving west … I also had a spreadsheet that gave me a good view of my finances if I were to retire.

In fact that specific spreadsheet told me it was a great move to retire and I could financially afford it.

So really there is a fine line between being OCD. Just because I keep a clean car with nothing laying around inside of it does not mean I am OCD. It’s just that I like having a clean car. Now if I were to clean that car daily …. then I would be OCD.

I might be organized (all DVDs, CD, are alphabetized) and downsized, but my life has a ‘lived in’ look to it. I mean I wear my jeans more than two days in a row. Whereas growing up my mom washed my jeans daily and had them back in my room before I opened my eyes.

I always wondered what she thought of that stuff she would pull out of my pockets before washing them, that did not include car keys?  Ha Ha

I want to look more into why my my brain is so scattered. Is it a getting older thing or have I been this way for years but never had the time to notice.

This post might be one of the few I have written publicly in seven years of blogging where I stuck to the same subject as the title.

What do you think of a post with no pictures?

Any thoughts or experiences with OCD?


17 thoughts on “I’m Borderline OCD

  1. I too have many spreadsheets to organize my stuff, bills, birthdays, dog related info, etc….I find that it just makes it easier for my mind when it is all in one place ….I can only stand clutter for one or two days then I have to either organize it or get rid of it!! Then my mind feels better and ready to go!! Think I’m probably borderline OCD as well!!

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    1. I agree … otherwise I’d never find it if it wasn’t on spreadsheets. I thought my dog food analysis 10 years ago was pretty cool but I no longer change dog food now that I have something that works for both dogs.

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  2. ….. “A friend tells me that until I do stop them, I am not totally free.”

    Sounds like a good plan UNTIL you need access to the information that you once kept on spreadsheets. I’ve tried that kind of ‘freedom’, it wasn’t pretty! It’s like making a detailed shopping list you’ve worked on all week… only to find out once you get to the store, you left it laying on the kitchen counter. Trying to ‘guess what’s on the list’ while at the store is not a fun game! 🤔🙄😖

    So… I have spreadsheets for a myriad of things and I’m alright with that. There’s ‘freedom’ in orginazation too! 😀😀😀


  3. Ok, I don’t have all the sheets you do, just some of them (And I keep my passwords in a password-protected vault on a password encrypted stick in my pocket – when it’s not plugged into my password protected laptop. . .) but I do have a few maybe you don’t.

    Rainfall by month for the past 11 years
    Water consumption by month for the same
    (Electrical consumption and cost is by the month)
    Prime membership benefit tracker
    All the books we’ve bought, borrowed, or listened to for the past 10 years (That’s a long one but it cuts down on repeats!)
    A route map with distance between stations and time it takes at different speeds for my (virtual at the moment) model railroad, The Daylight Pass RR.
    A timetable for the scheduled trains on the Daylight Pass.
    A calculator to figure out how many loads/empties my Alco RS-3 or Class C14 Consolidation can hump up which grades on the Daylight Pass at what speeds,
    A 24 hour timetable graph showing where all scheduled trains on the Daylight Pass are at any given time.

    OK, those last five are kind a sad and make normal people look at me like I’m weird or something. . .

    My dad was a bit OCD about cleanliness, especially vehicle cleanliness. I once saw him bend down and squint along the trunk of Mom’s car when it was in the garage. Mom had left the garage door open the day before while watering plants on a windy day and he was looking at the waterspots the blowing water-softened mist left on the paint. Bad thing was, instead of letting me rent a car he insisted I drive her’s to a week-long technical class. No pressure! After seeing The Granddaughter for the first time in several years all he could say to me when she left was how disappointed he was in her. “Did you see all the brake-dust on her wheels?!” Not a word about working full time while carrying a full course-load at the University so when she graduated with her masters she was dept-free.

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    1. It’s great to see that I have other members in the club. This new way of writing is helping confirm (in my own mind) that I am not going insane. BTW, tomorrow morning bright and early, while the hounds pee I will be cleaning off the brake dust from my wheels.


    1. I have seem to have lost that photo amoungst my massive file of photos. 🙂 I did find a desk photo from 2017 but it was spotless and would have blown this blog post up all to hell. I did not read Kunstler this morning but I did after you sent me the link. Another website that I have misplaced somewhere in too many bookmarks. Thanks for sending it … I have it on my desktop now.


  4. Mary

    If someone uses spare time to keep spread sheets to stay organized, that can be an indication of a healthy, orderly,well-balanced life and mind.

    If they work two fulltime jobs, take care of pets and a home,and feel compelled to keep all the entries and the info on every sheet up to date on a daily basis, despite needing the time that takes to get adequate sleep- that would possibly indicate neurosis/OCD.


      1. Kelly …. I know what happened now. When I decided to go “newsless” in October I deleted anything that dealt with news, politics, complaining, the Cubs baseball (lol) … gone, deleted .. clean vibes throughout the house and my brain afterwards.


  5. Bethers

    LoL…I have spreadsheets for a number of items you have listed there. I think you forgot the weekly/monthly/quarterly/annual “TO DO” spreadsheet. I don’t really see them as a burden but as helpful. They keep me informed and on track about a number of things and the information needed is easily accessible (don’t have to dig through invoices or receipts or look things up). Businesses keep spreadsheets for all kinds of things. I see this as keeping track of personal business. Tracking savings and expenses over the years helped me to retire at an earlier age than lots of people are able to. I wouldn’t sweat it as long as personal practices and preferences aren’t causing an anxiety overload…


    1. I know that when I started my expenses by category spreadsheet, I started spending less and saving more. I stopped wasting money when I saw where it was disappearing to. They are also much easier to find then going through a file cabinet. You are right about all the paperwork we don’t have to dig through. It takes longer to set them up for the upcoming new year than it does to keep them updated. No stress involved.


  6. I use five spreadsheets to keep my life in order and a history to compare to. I enjoyed reading your post and the lack of pics made no difference. You may have noticed I often post without a photo if using my tablet.


    1. Sorry for all the advertisements. I have no choice with WordPress free account. I am in the process of getting rid of those by transferring to a host server with a new domain name I have bought. I’ve done this before many times but having some problems at this time.


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