Stella In 22 Minutes

With Heidi hanging back to take care of the house, I decided I’d try something new with Stella. Since she had not been allowed to roam on her own in a few months, I decided I’d follow her without a word spoken. I knew where she was going to end up so I walked far ahead of her and circled over to the neighbors woods and let her walk right to me.

Although I don’t hunt and never have, as I walked through the field quietly off the path to get in my hiding spot, I felt like I was on the The Last Alaskans tv show hunting caribou with them.  LOL

I am trying out WordPress “Gallery” block feature with the photos. I wish they would offer me the option of choosing ‘individual list’ or ‘multi’ like the old editor.


2 thoughts on “Stella In 22 Minutes

    1. She is plus has a hilarious personality. I was able to let Sadie go out on her own for at least an hour before I’d go outside to check on her. She would always come back when finished exploring. I can’t do that with Stella and Heidi only likes the yard to hang out in.

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