Once again I am moving my blogging to WordPress from Blogger. I have a site over there where I have blogged since October 2011 with a lot of photos of the hounds over the years. It is to complicated and time consuming to move the whole blog from Hounds And Other Stuff due to differences in the .xml file processing.

2018 Oct 22

After this I will post a couple of recent posts from that other blog where Stella’s separation anxiety came back last week while I was gone. Then from that point forward I’ll be posting all new content and photos of the hounds or the local area. I may change the template that is more adaptable, maybe just a different look, within the next few days. Finally done.
Here are some recent photos of these two in the past month.






Stella does this when it’s PAST her time for lunch.


At least she has an healthy diet and believes in eating organically as much as possible.


There are some eyes somewhere in there. This is her look when she doesn’t get her way, my food or not enough of any kind of food.

It’s a quiet Sunday here in ‘the tropics’ of Southern Indiana.